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For the first time, an international historical reenactment event will take place here, with reenactors from various countries showing visitors Bronze Age handicraft techniques and selling handcrafted goods. There will be demonstrations of bronzecasting, ancient weaving and sewing techniques, amber jewelry making, and more.

Welcome to Kiviksgraven

also called “the Kings grave”. This is the only Bronze age cairn in Scandinavia with a Stone cist covered with petroglyphs. It is also one of the broadest with tis enormous 75 m in diameter. Archaeological excavations has shown that the stone cist supposely was build around 1400 BC but that the area has a history much older than that.

Openng hours

Opening hours vary depending on the season.


It costs to visit the grave area and the tomb


In the area there is Café Sågmöllan which serves coffee and light lunch


We have a small museum shop where you can buy quality souvenirs, jewelry and much more


Schools pay special prices. Visits should always be pre-booked.


Groups pay special prices. Visits should always be pre-booked.


Don’t miss Ängakåsen, the grave field just 300 meters away!.

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