Admission fees

Admission fees

Why does it cost entrance to the grave?

Kiviksgraven and Café Sawmill are today managed by Asmiroca Cultural Heritage Experiences. We lease the property from the State Property Agency and manage it according to agreement. The lease agreement states that we are obliged to conduct café operations in Sågmöllan and to open the burial chamber during certain periods during the year.

The entrance fee, which, in accordance with the contract, the visitors pay goes to the maintenance of the property. We open and close the burial chamber, make sure there is lighting, mow the grass and keep the seed free from weeds and tree shoots, hold guides and make signs. We also take care of everything around Café Sågmöllan and Möllebäcken. So the area is run like any museum!

Our business receives no government or municipal grants and therefore we need to charge entrance fees from visitors. We keep the price down as best we can so that as many people as possible can experience this fantastic place.

We get many comments that it should not cost anything to visit ancient monuments, but unfortunately it is that if no one takes care of this area it will expire quite soon. If we stop taking care of the area now it will soon look like the 1930s.

From Gustaf Hallström Archive Umeå

Graves 1931
In 1931, the ancient monument was restored, with funds from the King’s Fund, and since then there has been an entrance fee, with the exception of a few years when the burial chamber was kept closed. In the 1930s, the ticket cost SEK 1, which corresponds to SEK 29.94 in today’s monetary value.

We know that many have gone down by the little red building and gone “free” into the burial chamber over the years. What they then missed was that they would go up to Café Sågmöllan to pay their entrance fee. So you never got into the chamber for free.

Upp to the day you become 16 years:

Free of charge accompanied by an adult.

Maximum two children per adult, over that 10 SEK/child.

Note that adults always is responsable for the childrens actions.

From the day you become 16 years:

30 kr/person.

You are responsable for your actions and will be held responsable for violations of the rules.

Note that SHOOLS and GROUPS and

Please note that other prices apply to SCHOOLS, GROUPS and EVENT and SPECIAL DAYS.

Planking, damages and other violations are always reported to the police