The Nordic Bronze Age Time Travel

The Nordic Bronze Age Time Travel

22-24 May


It is finally here – a Nordic Bronze Age market!

Join us as we make the ancient cultural meeting spot known as The King’s Grave in Kivik come to life through a vibrant marketplace filled with Bronze Age flavours, materials, myths and rituals!

For the first time, an international historical reenactment event will take place here, with reenactors from various countries showing visitors Bronze Age handicraft techniques and selling handcrafted goods. There will be demonstrations of bronzecasting, ancient weaving and sewing techniques, amber jewelry making, and more. Our reenactors will also show visitors various styles of Bronze Age clothing based on historical findings, Bronze Age martial arts and funeral and sacrifical rites.

There will be lectures about fascinating aspects of the Nordic Bronze Age, as well as music entertainment and an evening and morning ritual that visitors can observe. On site there will also be games to entertain oneself with.